Drawing is an inherent trait of humankind
It is a bold statement. But is it? Have you ever seen one child not picking up a pen and doodling on the floor or the wall?

I have started drawing ever since I was able to hold a pen. There are doodling marks all over my sister’s piano sheet music from me at an early age. I drew on everything I could leave behind a mark.
Drawing for me became my life philosophy. You can draw when you are happy, you can draw when you are sad, you can draw when you need consolidation, you can draw when you are feeling lonely. There is not one situation or opportunity one cannot take out a pen and paper and spill out the creativity one has in store.

Everyone can draw! Like with everything you start anew, it just takes time, practice and a good teacher (even if you are an autodidact). Oh! And did I mention: Practice? Yes, and practice some more. Don’t expect to come up with a masterpiece straight away; and don’t dismiss the doodles you are doing while on the phone as rubbish. Everything counts. Try to copy (not tracing) and see where your weakness(es) is (are).
I want to introduce you to the art of making Art. Sometimes the World seems a bit gloomy but you yourself can retreat to a realm that is just perfect for you.

How it All started

My first white-on-black drawing at the tender age of 15

On my 15th Birthday I received a book from my siblings about famous Hollywood actors and actresses. One of the first pages was a black and white photograph of the silent movie star Louise Brooks. This very minute I looked at the photograph I knew I had to draw it, as it is. Her hair and dress blending with the black background. I was in awe.

This was the beginning of everything that followed.

I have always loved black and white photographs and the black and white classic Hollywood movies. To convey a message with this seemingly limited palette of – yes, let’s call them – colours: black, white and all the shades of greys. It was magical to me and a mystery. The interplay between light and shadows and contrasts fascinated me and I wanted to explore this mythical real of achromatism.

Be Inspired

Inspiration can be found everywhere. You do not need to travel to exotic places to look for a temple or climb the highest mountain for a better view. There is never a “there is nothing to draw”: the bananas on your office desk, a focused man in the corner of your local coffee shop, solving one of the many mysteries the world has to offer on his laptop while sipping coffee or the over-filled rubbish bin next to a road. They are not glamorous or awe people in their grandeur, but they are every day objects or subjects.

Start sketching.

Start to observe and train your eyes. Are the hands really that big/small? Just start.
It might be terrible, according to your own constructive criticism, but if so, that’s great! Try to find out why! Analyse.